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Proactive school safety through social-emotional learning


- Texas House Bill 18 -

Bill objective: Increase mental health services in Texas public schools; help identify and respond to mental health issues and bullying before they become larger problems.

Wildlife High Mental Health Alignment:

- to spot signs of mental health conditions and substance abuse

- to get help when needed

- to deal with grief and trauma

Wildlife High Positive Relations Alignment:

- to maintain positive relationships with other students

- to resolve conflict

- to avoid bullying

RRG is at the leading edge of conflict management solutions. We have empowered and trained over 4,000
educators, community leaders and students to navigate conflict by curating customized experiential learning
courses with the overarching objectives of enabling individuals to predict and mitigate conflict, identify needs,
implement solutions, and improve cultures through proactive conflict management.


No organization is exempt from the impact of experiencing conflict. The defining and differentiating moments of these organizations are when they recognize and choose to empower individuals to act as a positive change agents to proactively improving your conflict culture.


90% of conflicts exist due to lack of understanding. With the acknowledgement of the symptoms, an organizational assessment will bring to light the root of conflict inside an organization.


With an understanding of cause, the solution design begins with a foundation of alignment. Innovative solutions to address the specific needs can be identified, architected and implemented to initiate the
journey of conflict culture change.


The process of change is an evolution requiring continuous measurement, feedback, and refinement. Through positive reinforcement and aligned organizational leadership, individual contributors can be the necessary catalyst for lasting change.